Thankful Sunday

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I would spend this Sunday’s blog listing things I’m thankful for, but first here’s something that got me to this topic.

I spent Wednesday night having dinner with my soul sister, Lindsey. After we parted ways, I began my journey home. As I was driving home in a daze, just listening to the music playing on the radio and not really paying attention to my surroundings…which is the first thing they tell you in Drivers Ed, “always pay attention to what’s happening on the road.”.. A blue truck came out of nowhere and cut me off, parked sideways to block traffic. I was filled with anger as I could have hit this guy, but that quickly went away when I looked directly to my right where a SUV was laying on its side, shattered windows and everything she had in her car is now sprawled out all over the concrete around her. I was immediately filled with thankfulness, because if that truck hadn’t cut me off I would have hit that SUV and who knows where I would be right now. As I sat there taking it all in, men started jumping out of their cars to try to flip this car back over to get the family out of there. I rolled down my window to listen to what they were saying, and all I could hear was “there’s a baby in the backseat!” My eyes quickly filled with tears. I still keep thinking to myself that if that truck hadn’t cut me off I would have hit directly where that little boy was sitting and he probably would not have made it. Reading the report the next day, it said that both the 1 year old boy and the mom are fine and resting in the hospital, however the mom had been drinking and was turning a corner at 65 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. As a human, my reaction to this situation is complete and utter disgust and belief that this woman should have her child taken away from her. As a Christian, my reaction should be to pray for this family and be thankful that they are okay. I don’t know what the mom is going through or was going through at that moment, but as a mom-to-be, I can’t imagine living with the pain and guilt of putting my child’s life in danger for the rest of my life.

I am so thankful that God was watching over me, and this accident definitely opened my eyes to how good I have it. I made a list of a couple things I am thankful for:

  • Thankful for a husband who loves with everything he has, my best friend and comforter, a hard worker who does everything he can to provide for his family, loves cooking with me, and I even love his obnoxious snoring…sometimes!
  • Thankful for a loving family; a mom and dad who support their children and believe in their dreams, siblings who also support each other and want to see the others succeed
  • Thankful for friends who have become more like family, Kelsey for being my first best friend and for never letting long distance be an issue, Lindsey for being my rock these past couple of years and someone I can depend on, I am happy I can say that you will be a lifelong friend, Emily for being the little sister I never had but always wanted, you are going to do big things and I am lucky I get to be along for that ride, Erica for staying in my life even after high school ended, you’re the best icepack a girl could ask for, McKenna for being there for me through literally everything and anything, it take a lot for someone to do that for my crazy life, and you have taken it like a champ, and Kaylee for being my high school best friend forever and always, we may not see each other that much now but you will always be the friend that has left the biggest impact on my life. I can’t thank you all enough for everything you have taught me through-out the past couple of years!
  • Thankful for a healthy baby on the way, who is already loved, more than he or she will know, by so many.
  • Thankful God has provided funds for Joe and I when we needed it. We were able to buy a house, furniture, and groceries on a weekly basis.
  • Thankful for a roof over my head, a warm bed, and clothes on my back.

I have it better than some and it shouldn’t take witnessing an accident to make me realize that, but it did. My hope is for everyone to live their life to the fullest but always be careful. Be thankful for the life you have and the people God has placed in your life!

Have a blessed day!



2 thoughts on “Thankful Sunday

  1. Hi Erica, i am enjoying reading your blog for the first time! Keep blogging! Keep getting your feelings out and your thoughts! By you sharing these stories, you just never know who you are going to touch or help!! 😗😗 Love Jackie S

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