Update on our little man

It’s been 3 days since we have been at Devos Children’s Hospital and we have seen major improvements with Wyatt!

  •  He has been taken off of oxygen and can breathe all on his own. Doctors are no longer concerned about that.
  • His blood platelets are still pretty low and haven’t been increasing. They discussed a blood transfusion but doctor seems confident that that won’t be necessary.
  • His calcium and sodium levels are low but are being maintained and stable.
  • He finally got to drink formula from a bottle and was doing really well. Last night they had to put a tube in his nose because he would throw up after eating. We are still bottle feeding him but the poor guy get so tired towards the end that he can’t finish the bottle.
  • His blood glucose levels are pretty all over the place so they are trying to maintain those. They stuck an iv through his umbilical cord Tuesday morning so he could get sugars that way. His levels have been improving since he has been drinking formula.

We are asking for prayers for him to feed better so his liver can store energy and be able to do it on its own. Doctors say that this process could take a couple days up to a week. It just depends on how well his body does.

This has been a huge adjustment for us as we never imagined that we would end up here! We are both trusting god to heal our son and it is a huge encouragement seeing how he is already healing him.

Thank you to all the visitors we have had, all the family and friends that are praying for us back home, and to all of the gifts that have been dropped off to us! We are amazed and feel so loved:) I will continue to keep everyone updated here as it is so hard to answer everyone’s questions. 


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