A huge victory

Our little man is a week old today! He is more alert and loves the sounds of his parents voices πŸ™‚ 

FRIDAY: Wyatts glucose has been doing really well that they were able to take his iv out! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ I no longer have a naked baby. Joe and I were laughing yesterday while trying to put him in his sleeper. Poor guy is still too little for a newborn outfit! His blood platelets dropped to 42,000 and doctors began discussing the transfusion more. 

  • A little background on blood platelets: the platelets are what help us clot. As adults we have millions and get more as we get older. Wyatt was born with 70,000 platelets and babies are required to have 120,000-400,000 in order for their blood to clot. When we got to Devos he had 68,000 and as of yesterday morning he has 42,000. So they were drifting down not necessarily dropping quickly. 

SATURDAY MORNING: we got huge news this morning that our babies platelets started to rise. They went from 42,000 to 47,000. They also tested him for a CMV infection. The CMV is a virus that everyone is exposed to and it doesn’t harm us but for babies it can. The test came back negative this morning!! Doctors are going to contie to watch it to see if anything new develops but for now we are in the clear! All this news brought tears to my eyes to see that our son, whom we have prayed constantly for is starting to slowly recover! It’s amazing how our God hears our prayers and answers them! We are loving all of the snuggles we are getting ❀

Please continue to pray that his blood platelets will continue to rise and that it won’t be much longer till our little family is home! 


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