Time is flying

Well our little man is already two weeks old and the poor guy has spent 12 of those days in a hospital. We are all getting tired of this hospital life.. tired of eating cafeteria food and have already watched 2 full seasons of tv shows in between feeding Wyatt and feeding ourselves. The days seem to go by quickly and his diagnosis changes everyday. 

His blood platelets are where they need to be along with his sodium and calcium! Doctors only concern now is that he is losing weight! Wyatt has a minimum of 110ml that he has to drink in a 6 hour time span. Which for a 2 week old is outrageous considering their stomachs are so small. Wyatt should be 3 months old by how big they’ve stretched his stomach. When pumping him so full he gets either very tired or he can’t keep it down, which is causing him to lose weight. When we arrived he was 5 lbs 13 ounces and within a couple days he went up to 6 lbs. For the last 3 days he has been losing an ounce everyday. 

Hallelujah..Baby boy finally gained 2 ounces last night! 

Sunday: Doctor came in this morning and said that if he can get his sugars stable (they don’t want them all over the place even though he has been above what they need to be) and he can drink all of his formula then we can go home TOMORROW!! 

Please pray for my attitude as I am sure the nurses are beginning to get tired/scared of me haha (if looks could kill..) I haven’t been the nicest person to the nurses the past couple of days.. I hate that they are pumping so much food into him and hate watching him be in pain when throwing everything back up. To me, that clearly isn’t helping him gain weight! I know that they are doctors and nurses and they are only doing their best to get him healthy enough to go home, but sometimes I feel like they are only guessing at what could be wrong. 

The things I hate doing back home, I miss a lot.. laundry, dishes, cleaning! And I don’t even remember the last time I had a home cooked meal! 

Please pray that Wyatt will be able to maintain his sugars today and be able to eat his full bottle every 3 hours so we can go home tomorrow!!!


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