Appreciation for Motherhood

I love that we set aside a whole day to honor and celebrate the women who raised us. When I think about my mom, I think about all the good, the bad, and ugly times we’ve been through. I admit I’ve taken my mom for granted and haven’t always been the most loving towards her but in the past 2 years or so leading up to my wedding and moving out everything changed. We fought with each other more because we realized she wasn’t going to be a chair away from me when I needed something. The fights also lead to more tears together for the same reason. We enjoyed spending time together more which was usually shopping and she hates shopping! Flash forward to after our wedding and now we spend the drive home from work talking to each other on the phone about our days and it’s something I look forward too! Flash forward to having Wyatt..When in the NICU, my mom drove an hour everyday to hangout with us in between her breaks from work, hold Wyatt, bring us stuff we needed, do our laundry and eat lunch with us.. everyday! We didn’t ask her too, but she knew that we needed a piece of home with us and because she knew I needed my mom 😉  I have loved watching my mom be a grandma. She is so loving and nurturing towards him! Always checking in on him and making sure he is doing okay. So mom, here’s some things I’m thankful for:

  • For being my first forever best friend
  • For the endless support 
  • For being a shoulder to cry on and always listening 
  • For the never ending love.. even when I don’t deserve it
  • For all the memories we’ve shared, whether it was trips to a scrapbook store (or really any craft store), going to get our nails done (which was always fun because I hate people touching my feet), or just lounging around the house watching charmed
  • For giving me your love for crafting 
  • For letting me be your mini me
  • For making sure I’m always happy
  • For making me follow my dreams
  • For letting me go.. even though it was hard for you
  • For showing me how to be a mom
  • For showing me it’s okay to have flaws and that I don’t always have to try to be perfect
  • For loving Joe and our little man!

Being a mom is so rewarding. Everything we went through with Wyatt was so worth it. There was adventure in the journey, a NICU stint, and twists and turns, but God breathed life into our desire to have a family. Our son is a privilege and a gift. And so is everything else that comes with him: sleeplessness, radically altered schedules, the fact that I’m pretty sure in the next decade I won’t wear a shirt that doesn’t have some kind of precious stain on it from my little man, all of it. A gift. And a gift that I so completely don’t deserve. I could see a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t be entrusted with another person. But I am so grateful that God graced me with his amazing little life.

Celebrating motherhood should be an everyday thing because not everyone can be as lucky as those who have been blessed with children. So whether you are trying, expecting, already have kids, or have lost one, you are loved, strong and so appreciated! 


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