Life with wyatt

I realize I promised everyone an update on our little man after we got home and here we are 8 weeks later.. oops! 

Life with a baby is so strange but the most fun we’ve ever had! A friend recently asked me if parenthood was easier or harder than I thought it would be. My response, both. I have babysat since I was 12 and worked with kids for 4 years, taking care of babies was just the norm for me. Having your own baby is so different! The lack of sleep and changing diapers constantly were things I expected but doesn’t mean it’s easy. The easy part is getting up everyday and watching him grow and learn, that’s something I would never trade. 

Everything we went through for the first 3 weeks was so worth it. No I wouldn’t want to go through it again, but its made me love and appreciate both Wyatt and Joe so much more. Our almost two month old is growing so fast and is healthy, that’s all I ever wanted! 

  • He has major head control. He’s always wanting to sit up so he can get a better look at the world. 
  • His smiles are contagious. He will do something, like throw up on his mom as we are walking out the door so she has to rush back in and change real quick.. ya he thinks it’s the funniest thing. Anybody who knows me, knows I have a super weak stomach!
  • He is starting to coo and make noises and it’s music to my ears
  • He loves tummy time, but hates it if he’s on the floor. You have to be laying down with him on his stomach.. spoiled boy! 
  • He is finally keeping his food down with the occasional spit ups here and there. 
  • He is sleeping in 5-6 hour increments at night. 
  • Hates sleeping in his bassinet.. once again someone has to be laying right next to him until he is passed out! And I really don’t mind the snuggles ❤️
  • He’s thee cutest baby I’ve ever seen.. I’m a bit biased 😍

If you are new to the blog and don’t know who Wyatt is or why we were in the hospital for so long, scroll down to find out 😊

With love, 

The Lichte fam❤️


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