About Erica

Hey everyone, just wanted to say a little bit about myself. My name is Erica Salisbury, but as of May 21st 2016 I am now Erica Lichte! I am just your average girl who found the love of her life when she was 16 and decided to marry that man when she was 20..wow..married young you think? As the saying goes “when you know, you know!” *shoulder shrug*

I am your typical girl who loves everything about weddings, from the dress, the flowers, the venue to the  “I Do’s”, I just love it all! I am currently working as an Wedding & Event coordinator at Events & Moore here in Michigan, and loving every bit of this crazy adventure! The brides I get to meet and work with are amazing and the different wedding styles I get to create are even better. So a huge thank you to J-Lo for starring in the Wedding Planner and making me fall in love with the job (& Matthew McConaughey) even though the way the job is portrayed in the movie, really is not that glamorous in real life.

I just want this blog to become a safe haven for me and possibly for other couples who find theirselves struggling with the same problems! I want to document my adventures and the memories I make with my husband, family, and friends. I also want my readers to come here and see how my relationship with my husband is growing and things we are working on, I want to be able to offer help to other relationships and give them advice. I may only be in my twenties and I may not know a lot about marriage and love, but I do know that with a little bit of time and effort anything is possible. Marriage is hard, but it will only become more hard if you are not willing to work on it! Enjoy, and have a blessed day!




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