You’re a BAD parent

  • You’re a bad parent if you don’t discipline your child this way
  • You’re a bad parent if you do discipline your child
  • You’re a bad parent if you don’t feed your child *insert your child’s favorite food**insert organic/homegrown food*
  • You’re a bad parent if you don’t breastfeed
  • You’re a bad parent if you don’t take your child to a daycare to socialize

The sayings above are all opinions we have heard in the past year of parenting. Now I’m going to say this once and it’s going to be the most important thing you read in this post: WHAT WORKS/WORKED FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD MAY NOT WORK FOR ME AND MY CHILD!

I’m only going to expand on one of those bullets above because I could rant about every single one of those. Im sure nobody wants to read a novel today.

If you can afford taking your child to daycare 5 days a week.. then you go girl! Buuttt I’m going to say that I like eating and I’m sure my husband and child like eating too.. I also like sleeping in a warm bed every night.. because this momma needs her sleep! There is no way that where we are at now that we can afford to spend easily $300+ a WEEK just to send our child to a place where he can pick up on bad behaviors or be sick and miserable all the time! I worked at a daycare for 4 years, so I completely understand why the centers have to charge so much. And I did love that job, but some caregivers that were hired did not show the same love and appreciation for the little ones like I did. I have witnessed “bad parenting” along with “good parenting”, neglect along with love, and temper tantrums like you’ve never seen before. Without going into too much detail, a lot happened at that daycare in the last year that I worked there, that I vowed I would NEVER have my child in a large daycare setting like that! With that said, we appreciate the ability to take our child to their grandparents house everyday where we 100% know that they are being loved and not neglected. That’s a privilege we have and I realize not everyone has family around to do that! So taking your child to daycare works for YOU! I’m not going to say you are a bad parent for it, so please don’t say I am!

Life with a 1 year old is absolutely nuts.. but in a good way! This tiny human has turned our life upside down and made us realize what’s truly important in life and that’s making sure he is loved, healthy, and learning. Now there are those days where we find ourselves asking “what are we doing?” “Are we being good parents?” “Are we setting a good example?”. 7 out of 10 times the answer is “Yes, you are doing the best you can!” I love watching him play and seeing the little gears in his brain moving as he figures out what to do. He’s also thee biggest stinker! The boy can crawl super fast! you put him on the ground and he is gone within 2 seconds. When he knows he is doing something he will get in trouble for, he crawls really slow to see if we are watching him. Its so cute and frustrating at the same time. He is fascinated with stairs.. he knows how to move the strong sturdy gate just enough to shimmy his small body through!

Parenting has taught me a lot about myself and I’ve realized every parenting style is different. You do what works best for you and most of it is trial and error. You work on something, realize it doesn’t/isn’t working and you try again. We are all human after all! I guess the point of this rant was to keep your hurtful judgements to yourself and only lend some advice when it is meant to be helpful!

Happy Saturday friends!



Christmas Card 2017

This time last year I was always tired, cranky, I waddled like a penguin, and was growing a tiny human.. not much has changed this year other than waddling like a penguin. I thought I would give everyone a quick update on how the end of our year is going and things we have to look forward to for 2018.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 8.00.34 AM

Joe is still working at Campbell Press Repair here in Lansing for the past 2 and a half years where he welds. He is learning a lot and looking forward to growing in his talents. He is loving being a dad and rubs it in my face that Wyatt says “DADA” alllllll the time!

I celebrated my 1 year with Customer Service at Dart Container in Mason and looking forward to building more relationships with my customers and growing with the company. I recently was offered the Wedding Coordinator position at a venue called UrbanBeat. I am looking forward to the many weddings and bridal shows I have booked this coming year and all the places this job can take me. I will be busy most weekends but it will be a nice source of extra income as we, or I should say me, have big plans for remodeling in our house, such as a mud room, expanding the bathroom, and redoing our back porch. Like I said.. big plans!

Now the portion of this blog everyone has been waiting for.. our tiny human Wyatt. I have heard a lot lately that when you have a child, your life is over. I find that to be so far from the truth. I couldn’t imagine our life without him. Sure we can’t go out every weekend and stay out super late, my bedtime is 9 anyways. Staying at home with him every night holds a new adventure anyways. Wyatt turned 9 months on the 18th and somehow loves going to the doctor.. We spent 3 days at the doctor in a week, after he had the flu for 10 days straight.. I’m a paranoid mom okay! He asked for his 2 front teeth for Christmas and he got them, along with 2 more on top and 2 on bottom. He certainly knows how to use them too! He is constantly on the move with his cute little army crawl. He is pulling himself up on everything and we can tell he really wants to walk. Baby proofing the house has been loads of fun.. not!

I am loving this season of firsts and the fact that we get to experience them with Wyatt is a blessing in itself. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays with their family and loved ones.

Have a blessed day!

Life as we know it

Hello peeps! Currently watching The Office while my baby naps on my husband in our home. 3 things in that last sentence still shock me overtime I say them, home, husband and baby! If you would have told me a year ago that I would be a married homeowner with an adorable baby, I would have told you, you were insane.

Life as we know it so far:

  • Joe continues to work for Campbell Press Repair at 60+ hours a week. Even though he is working so much, he still finds the energy to come home and play with Wyatt or help me with chores around the house. There are not enough words to describe just how thankful I am for this man and the daily support and love he pours out to me. A couple weeks ago, he was stopped at a red light and was rear ended, totaling his car. He had been wanting a new car for a long time, and it was truly time for a new one anyways. You know its time when you no longer feel safe when driving or transporting a baby around. The next two nights following the accident were spent in a car dealership until closing. Joe is now the proud owner of 2008 Cadillac.. which has been nicknamed the Grandpa Mobile.
  • I am still employed at Dart Container and next month marks 1 year. I am loving the busy work I am doing, even in our slow seasons. It is incredible to look back on the friendships I have made with coworkers and the different professional relationships I have built within the various accounts I handle. If you are like the rest of the millennials, you hate talking on the phone! Send me a text and I will answer ASAP… Call me and I will literally wait for the call to be over and wait for the text that usually follows wondering why I didn't pick up. At work it is my job to answer the phones so I kinda have no choice but to love talking on the phone now. *sigh* However, I love being able to have a Sales Rep call me on the phone and be able to turn a work related conversation into "hows the wife and kids?"
  • July 9th marked a whole year since we found out God was blessing us with a baby. Looking back on that day, I remember how nervous I was and wondering how we were going to make this work. Flash forward to today and we are still figuring out how to make it work but I am no longer nervous because our little guy is perfect in every way.
  • Wyatt turned 4 months old on July 18th and his enjoying kicking, jumping and chewing on everything in sight. At his 4 month check up, he weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs 15 oz. and 23 inches. He is 3 lbs and 2 inches under where the doctor wants him to be, but all that matters to me is that he is healthy and growing.

Life the past couple of years have been nothing short of amazing and I am loving the adventures we have embarked on. Family and friends, we are so thankful for you and are blessed to have you in our lives. You all are so generous with your nights and weekends, always asking if we need a date night or just some alone time so you can babysit. We truly appreciate the love you have shown our little guy. We are all so lucky!



It’s Our Anniversary! 

365 days later.. we made it babe! This past year has been nothing short of amazing! I have grown mentally and emotionally in ways I didn’t anticipate. We moved me into our home and made it ours, we welcome a fur baby into our family, and we welcomed a (now) healthy baby boy! It’s super cheesy, but I would be lost without you and this life I have been blessed with would not be the same. Sure the fights/arguments were tough to go through but the talks and laughter afterwards were better. As we head into this next year of marriage, I wrote new vows to add to the ones we said at our wedding. I plan on trying my hardest to keep to these promises! 

  • I promise to continue to take you as you are, loving who you are now and who you are yet to become.
  • I promise to listen to you and learn from you.
  • I promise to support you and accept your support.
  • I promise to enjoy every adventure and take it day by day. 
  • I promise to do my best to be the wife you need. 
  • I promise to TRY to be less emotional.. really who am I kidding? I don’t think that one is achievable 😉 
  • I promise to take care of you and Wyatt. 
  • I promise to love you and never stop loving you! Forever and always, to infinity and beyond. 

I am extremely like that I get to go through life’s struggles and triumphs with you everyday. You’re truly my best friend and better half 😘 I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us! I love you most!


I vow..

As our anniversary approaches I wanted to post our vows again as a reminder of the words we said and meant. These words are more true to me today than they were a year ago. 

Erica reads Joe’s funny vows:

First off, I would like to say how HOT you look today! I vow that I will never give you a hard time about drinking Mountain Dew, and will buy you it whenever possible! I vow to watch the Walking Dead with you and love every minute of it… oh, and the office as well! I vow to listen to your rants without complaining knowing, of course, that they will probably never end! I vow when you ask me if I want a slice of pizza to go along with my Alfredo from Fazolis and I say “NO” that I won’t proceed to eat half of your pizza.

Joe reads Erica’s funny vows:

My beautiful Erica Nicole, I promise to admit every day that you are always right! I promise to watch the Bachelorette with you and pretend to love every second of it! Lastly and most importantly, I promise to always share my food with you!

Joe’s vows to Erica:

You are the most incredible woman I have ever met! I vow to always honor you, in the way I talk to or about you, in the way I treat our future kids, and in the way I live my life next to you! I vow that every day I will work on putting your needs before my own! I vow to make you laugh to the best of my ability every single day, which should be easy because you know I’m hilarious! But I’m crazy about you, and that beautiful smile of yours and I never want to stop seeing that! I vow that I will love you through the hard times and the less hard times, the times you’re sick, and the time I’m sick, and the times you’re sick again. I vow to support your hopes and dreams and to follow you to the ends of the earth! I vow to stay by your side no matter what! You are my one and only for life!

Erica’s vows to Joe:

Today I willingly take your hand and commit myself to you. My heart is overwhelmed with joy knowing from here on out I am with you. When I was thinking about all the things I wanted to promise to you, my head started swimming with visions of a perfect home, with a perfect white fence, and me, your perfect wife. You deserve all the perfection in the world, and I so wish I could give those things to you. But the lord has not called me to be perfect, he’s called me to be faithful. Today I make the most important decision of my life since deciding to follow Christ. Today I become your wife! I couldn’t imagine life without you and I look forward to being a part of all the wonderful things Christ has in store for us. Through all life’s trials, I vow to take your hand and never let go. As a foundation for our future together, I promise to love you, unconditionally, on your best days. And I promise to love you even more on your worst. I promise to laugh with you in times of happiness and comfort you in times of sorrow. I promise to treat you as an equal partner. I will share in your dreams and challenge you to reach your greatest potential. I promise to love and respect you and to give you the absolute best of myself. At the end of every day, I will look you in the eyes and tell you I love you. I may not be able to promise you perfection, but I promise you, all of myself for, all of my life.

Stay tuned for the new vows I wrote for us as we head into another year as a family! Look for it on sunday😘


Life with wyatt

I realize I promised everyone an update on our little man after we got home and here we are 8 weeks later.. oops! 

Life with a baby is so strange but the most fun we’ve ever had! A friend recently asked me if parenthood was easier or harder than I thought it would be. My response, both. I have babysat since I was 12 and worked with kids for 4 years, taking care of babies was just the norm for me. Having your own baby is so different! The lack of sleep and changing diapers constantly were things I expected but doesn’t mean it’s easy. The easy part is getting up everyday and watching him grow and learn, that’s something I would never trade. 

Everything we went through for the first 3 weeks was so worth it. No I wouldn’t want to go through it again, but its made me love and appreciate both Wyatt and Joe so much more. Our almost two month old is growing so fast and is healthy, that’s all I ever wanted! 

  • He has major head control. He’s always wanting to sit up so he can get a better look at the world. 
  • His smiles are contagious. He will do something, like throw up on his mom as we are walking out the door so she has to rush back in and change real quick.. ya he thinks it’s the funniest thing. Anybody who knows me, knows I have a super weak stomach!
  • He is starting to coo and make noises and it’s music to my ears
  • He loves tummy time, but hates it if he’s on the floor. You have to be laying down with him on his stomach.. spoiled boy! 
  • He is finally keeping his food down with the occasional spit ups here and there. 
  • He is sleeping in 5-6 hour increments at night. 
  • Hates sleeping in his bassinet.. once again someone has to be laying right next to him until he is passed out! And I really don’t mind the snuggles ❤️
  • He’s thee cutest baby I’ve ever seen.. I’m a bit biased 😍

If you are new to the blog and don’t know who Wyatt is or why we were in the hospital for so long, scroll down to find out 😊

With love, 

The Lichte fam❤️

Appreciation for Motherhood

I love that we set aside a whole day to honor and celebrate the women who raised us. When I think about my mom, I think about all the good, the bad, and ugly times we’ve been through. I admit I’ve taken my mom for granted and haven’t always been the most loving towards her but in the past 2 years or so leading up to my wedding and moving out everything changed. We fought with each other more because we realized she wasn’t going to be a chair away from me when I needed something. The fights also lead to more tears together for the same reason. We enjoyed spending time together more which was usually shopping and she hates shopping! Flash forward to after our wedding and now we spend the drive home from work talking to each other on the phone about our days and it’s something I look forward too! Flash forward to having Wyatt..When in the NICU, my mom drove an hour everyday to hangout with us in between her breaks from work, hold Wyatt, bring us stuff we needed, do our laundry and eat lunch with us.. everyday! We didn’t ask her too, but she knew that we needed a piece of home with us and because she knew I needed my mom 😉  I have loved watching my mom be a grandma. She is so loving and nurturing towards him! Always checking in on him and making sure he is doing okay. So mom, here’s some things I’m thankful for:

  • For being my first forever best friend
  • For the endless support 
  • For being a shoulder to cry on and always listening 
  • For the never ending love.. even when I don’t deserve it
  • For all the memories we’ve shared, whether it was trips to a scrapbook store (or really any craft store), going to get our nails done (which was always fun because I hate people touching my feet), or just lounging around the house watching charmed
  • For giving me your love for crafting 
  • For letting me be your mini me
  • For making sure I’m always happy
  • For making me follow my dreams
  • For letting me go.. even though it was hard for you
  • For showing me how to be a mom
  • For showing me it’s okay to have flaws and that I don’t always have to try to be perfect
  • For loving Joe and our little man!

Being a mom is so rewarding. Everything we went through with Wyatt was so worth it. There was adventure in the journey, a NICU stint, and twists and turns, but God breathed life into our desire to have a family. Our son is a privilege and a gift. And so is everything else that comes with him: sleeplessness, radically altered schedules, the fact that I’m pretty sure in the next decade I won’t wear a shirt that doesn’t have some kind of precious stain on it from my little man, all of it. A gift. And a gift that I so completely don’t deserve. I could see a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t be entrusted with another person. But I am so grateful that God graced me with his amazing little life.

Celebrating motherhood should be an everyday thing because not everyone can be as lucky as those who have been blessed with children. So whether you are trying, expecting, already have kids, or have lost one, you are loved, strong and so appreciated! 

Living with anxiety recently

DISCLAIMER: this post is not meant for you to pity me or feel bad in any way.. this is just so I can get my thoughts and feelings out. It is a big topic that needs to be talked about and hopefully those who struggle with it can realize that they are not alone 

I believe my anxiety started in high school and has slowly grown into what it is now. I was always afraid of not being liked, accepted or being alone which has carried into my adult life. I’ve recently gained a feeling of not being good enough and it’s only gotten worse since having Wyatt. 

Let’s start with high school: My freshman year, I met 3 girls in choir and quickly became best friends. We ate lunch with each other everyday and it honestly was the highlight of my day. I felt like I was apart of something! As we went through high school we all started to drift apart and find different groups to be apart of. I wasn’t apart of sports and I quit choir, so I soon realized that I was an outcast when it came to our personalities and interests. Nothing in high school interested me, I was just going through the motions of day to day classes and homework. Each year it got worse, I never wanted to feel like I was alone but walking through the halls, that’s all I felt. High school did bring me to of my forever best friends kaylee and erica who are still a huge part of my life and I am so grateful for that! 

Flash forward to having Wyatt: Joe and I always talked about having kids 3-4 years after we got married, so when I found out I was pregnant my first thought was that he would be upset and leave. I KNOW that he would never do that, but those are the type of thoughts that I constantly fight with. The 1st and 2nd trimester I felt fine! I was coming to grips with bringing a child into the world. Then the 3rd trimester hit and it was rough. I never thought I would experience anxiety like this. There were countless nights where I would sit in the bathroom and cry away from joe because I didn’t want him to be worried or see me like this. My emotions were already running high due to the hormones so this just made it worse. I would cry because I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to be good enough. I was worried that I would become a terrible wife and my relationship with joe would change. I was worried that I wouldn’t connect with Wyatt and be a terrible mom. Then after having him and going through everything we did with him, it really got bad. I kept thinking that I could have prevented this. I kept saying there has to be something I did while being pregnant that did this to him! The doctors kept telling me that there was nothing I could have done! But every time they said that I wouldn’t believe it. I couldn’t breastfeed him which made me more frustrated and began to think that I was a terrible mom again. I’m sure this was some part of post-partum depression. 

So let’s get to how I’m feeling now.. still have those feelings of not being good enough, but every time I look in those COMPLETLEY HEALTHY baby blue eyes those thoughts disintegrate. He is my pride and joy and I cannot believe that I brought this miracle in to the world.

I have the most amazing support system, don’t get me wrong! Between joe, my family, and friends, they each have made it better when I feel myself slipping! But it is hard sometimes for someone who doesn’t struggle with anxiety or know what you are going through to say the right things. And it’s not that they are saying the wrong things, it’s just hard to connect when they don’t understand what you are going through. I realize that this probably just sounds like I’m rambling and there really is not end goal for me in dealing with this. I just have to keep doing what I’ve been doing and continue to grow from the experiences I came across. This was a really hard post for me to write because it’s not something I like to talk about but I needed to clear my mind and this is the best way I know how. 

Blowing this popsicle stand..


I will provide a larger update when we are settled and have snuggled with our little man, but for now I just wanted everyone to know that after 16 days of “patiently” waiting and snuggling our boy through wires.. that we are finally free and most importantly he is healthy! 
Stay tuned for more! 

Time is flying

Well our little man is already two weeks old and the poor guy has spent 12 of those days in a hospital. We are all getting tired of this hospital life.. tired of eating cafeteria food and have already watched 2 full seasons of tv shows in between feeding Wyatt and feeding ourselves. The days seem to go by quickly and his diagnosis changes everyday. 

His blood platelets are where they need to be along with his sodium and calcium! Doctors only concern now is that he is losing weight! Wyatt has a minimum of 110ml that he has to drink in a 6 hour time span. Which for a 2 week old is outrageous considering their stomachs are so small. Wyatt should be 3 months old by how big they’ve stretched his stomach. When pumping him so full he gets either very tired or he can’t keep it down, which is causing him to lose weight. When we arrived he was 5 lbs 13 ounces and within a couple days he went up to 6 lbs. For the last 3 days he has been losing an ounce everyday. 

Hallelujah..Baby boy finally gained 2 ounces last night! 

Sunday: Doctor came in this morning and said that if he can get his sugars stable (they don’t want them all over the place even though he has been above what they need to be) and he can drink all of his formula then we can go home TOMORROW!! 

Please pray for my attitude as I am sure the nurses are beginning to get tired/scared of me haha (if looks could kill..) I haven’t been the nicest person to the nurses the past couple of days.. I hate that they are pumping so much food into him and hate watching him be in pain when throwing everything back up. To me, that clearly isn’t helping him gain weight! I know that they are doctors and nurses and they are only doing their best to get him healthy enough to go home, but sometimes I feel like they are only guessing at what could be wrong. 

The things I hate doing back home, I miss a lot.. laundry, dishes, cleaning! And I don’t even remember the last time I had a home cooked meal! 

Please pray that Wyatt will be able to maintain his sugars today and be able to eat his full bottle every 3 hours so we can go home tomorrow!!!